Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your Leases?
Our standard leases is for a 1 year term. We can accomidate leases with different time frames but that will be decided on a case by case basis. If a term other than 1 year is desired, please contact us to discuss your options.
Do you allow Pets?
Our pet policy varies from property to property. You will need to contact the landlord to discuss which property allow pets and the type of pets. Additional security deposit may be required for some pets.
What is needed to move in?
All of our property have the same requirement. Once the application is completed and you have been selected to move into the property, you will be required to pay security deposit and the first months rent.
Who takes care of the yard?
It is the tenants responsibility to maintain the property/yard. To assist in the maintenance, each property is equipped with a lawn mower and gas can for summer time care and a shovel for snow removal.
Are utilities included in rent?
Tenants are be responsible for all utilities associated with the property. Utilities vary by property. For your convenience, we have listed all the various utilities below.

ComED: For web site click here or call 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661).
City of Joliet: Web site for new accounts click here or call 1-815-724-4230.
Ingalls Park Improvement Association: Landlord will provide information.
Cable/Dish/Direct TV
Comcast: Web site for new accounts click here or call Call 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).
DISHNetwork: Web site for new accounts click here or call 1-800-823-4929.
DirectTV: Web site for new accounts click here or call 1-888-777-2454.
Garbage(varies by property)
City of Joliet: Part of you sewer/water bill.
Waste Management: Web site for new accounts click here or call 1-800-796-9696.

Referral Bonus: If there is someone you know who is looking for a place to live and we have a property available, MACC Investments provides a referral bonus to any tenant who referrers somebody to one of our properties. Please ask us how you can benefit from this program.